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Ti-in-quartz measurements

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Ti measurements in quartz can be made with high-precision on SHRIMP-RG.

We have performed numerous tests on magmatic, metamorphic, and hydrothermal quartz and can accurately measure Ti down to <0.2 ppm.

Overlapping molecules can be fully resolved using the high mass-resolving power of the SHRIMP-RG. In addition to Ti, we also measure Li, B, K, Ca, Al, Fe, and Ge to provide additional petrologic information and to identify possible beam overlap with inclusions that might compromise the analysis. We also measure 2 isotopes of Ti - 48Ti and 49Ti - to monitor the natural Ti isotopic ratio to ensure the measurements of accurate.

Ti In quartz example

Ti-in-quartz measurements can be performed with an analytical spot size of 15 micron or larger. Analyses will take 6 to 8 min each, depending on Ti content and count times. We standardize Ti relative to early-erupted Bishop Tuff quartz, as well as synthetic quartz that have been doped with Ti.